The Aldersgate Experience

The Aldersgate Experience, as all Methodists know, is their founder John Wesley’s heartwarming experience at Aldersgate Street in London on May 24, 1738.

But do you know that Singapore, too, has its own “Aldersgate Experience”? More specifically, at Aldersgate Methodist Church?

In the three-month run-up to the 30th Anniversary of Aldersgate Methodist Church on Sunday, May 3, 2009, a series of one-sheet flyers was issued to church members over 13 Sundays from February 1.

Titled “The Aldersgate Experience”, the series traces the history of our Aldersgate Methodist Church in bite-size and pictures. It shows us the Power and Grace of God who has been charting our Journey of Faith from the day Aldersgate Methodist Church was constituted as a Local Conference on Sunday, May 6, 1979. It was then known as Clementi Methodist Church, and we were worshipping at a disused British Army church in Portsdown Road.

Lest we forget, our “Aldersgate Experience” reminds us of the little seed that was planted in Portsdown Road that grew to provide a canopy for all of us today. But not before the disappointments and despair of the early pioneers, the hunt for a permanent home, the “Three Miracles” of God that delivered us.


Here is a guide to your Aldersgate Experience:


Flyer No. 1: Special Announcement

Flyer No. 2: Clementi New Town Pioneer Work

Flyer No. 3: Inaugural Worship Service

Flyer No. 4: We had to move!

Flyer No. 5: God answered our prayers again

Flyer No. 6: Planting the seed of a Local Conference

Flyer No. 7: Birth of our Church on May 6, 1979

Flyer No. 8: Where did our first members come from?

Flyer No.  9: The Years of Disappointment

Flyer No. 10: The Years of Despair

Flyer No. 11: The Year of Deliverance

Flyer No. 12: Our Mission Field

Flyer No. 13: Of Vision and Themes

To read the in-depth history of Aldersgate Methodist Church, you may approach our Church Librarian for a copy of A Journey of Faith”.
A culmination of the various efforts of our Archives Committee in commemorating the 30th Anniversary of our Church, it includes the full stories of the 13 flyers.

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